A first-class team of financial experts. All together, we have over 20 years of experience in financial industry and at least 4,000 advisory meetings in the field of personal finance management, counselling in the personal asset management and education on active trading.

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Pioneers in financial wellness

We introduce new standards in the field of education on personal finance. The training that is impartial, ethical, transparent, without any unnecessary financial slang and in easy language, without any surreptitious advertising of financial industry and finally, also funny.

Verified and unique process

A proven process that eliminates the financial stress of individuals. An innovative approach giving the power to each individual to improve his/her finances through the online tool and immediate training actions.

Trustworthy partner

All our activities are based upon the highest standards of competence and the ethical code EFPA (European Financial Planning Association) adopted by the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers.

Financial wellness

Financial wellness is a new interactive education programme, which is intended to increase the financial literacy, decrease the financial stress and improve the "financial" behaviour of employees... It focuses on the 24/7 education and counselling by using the cutting-edge technologies.

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The financial stress reflects the financial illiteracy which lames the working spirit of every employee, weakens the collective productivity in the company and ruins the healthy working environment of organisation. In cooperation with your company, we design an interactive and modern education programme that is based on the specific needs of your employees throughout their lifecycle.

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After the end of their careers, many athletes face financial problems and in the worst case even with bankruptcy. We actively implement the interactive programme of financial education for professional athletes. The programme was developed in cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia and as the first in Europe also under the sponsorship of the International Olympic Committee.

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