Numerous studies all over the world confirm that the financial illiteracy is the main reason for the majority of financial problems of individuals today. According to the latest research, the financial literacy of South Africans deserves an alarming score two, to use mathematical terms, meaning that the majority of South Africans does not think about their financial future and has unregulated finances.

360FINANCE GURU wishes to raise the financial literacy of all individuals and to help them arrange their finances. Our mission is to make the person aware as to how his current decisions influence his future. We wish to help you to take control over your personal finances and to improve your key decisions regarding the management of your personal finances and your assets. We wish for you to eliminate your financial stress and to live a more comfortable life.

All our activities are based upon the highest standards of competence and the ethical standards. All financial experts under the aegis of FinGym are committed to monitor the possibilities on the market in accordance with this standard all the time and to suggest only solutions that are most sensible and useful for the users.

We decided to develop this application, since there are too many bad practices and unethical financial advisers in the field of personal financial consultancy, who favour the sale of expensive and unethical products rather than the fair consultancy. By using our tool, you will obtain sufficient financial literacy and education to recognise the right solutions. With the received report on your personal finances, you will find out which products and solutions are appropriate and suitable for you and will be able to avoid wrong financial decisions.

FINGYM Ltd. is the owner of the FinGym application and the bronze partner of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. Our experts have developed a financial educational programme for professional athletes for the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. This is the first such financial educational programme in Europe. The programme was established under the aegis of the International Olympic Committee.

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